Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues

Our aim at catalogues for bad credit is to guide you in the right direction if you are looking to buy something through credit. 

There are many options available to pay off purchases on credit, even if you do not have a credit score or have a low credit score and many catalogues will welcome you in as a customer if this is the case. 

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) allows you to purchase products online and pay them off over a certain amount of time rather than pay a large upfront cost for it. 

What are BNPL catalogues? 

BNPL catalogues are a great way to finance purchases over a certain period of time to make them more affordable. There are different options available so you could pay in equal monthly or weekly instalments, or you could pay it in voluntary instalments at different times. 

It depends on what suits you better. For example, if you get paid weekly and work on a weekly budget it would make the most sense for you to pay off your purchase in weekly instalments. 

BNPL makes the cost much more manageable For this reason, it is becoming an increasingly popular option in the UK, and it is helping many people take control of their finances. 

Even though BNPL options are great, it might be tempting to spend beyond your means. Before you purchase something, ensure that it fits into your budget. We advise you to start with a small purchase before going for anything too big. 

The Benefits of BNPL Catalogues 

The benefits of BNPL catalogues are immense. They can make your finances much easier to manage, and can help you afford things you might not have thought you could such as technology, new appliances and clothes.  

If you decide to spread the cost of a purchase, you can enjoy it without breaking the bank. It means you can afford the purchase sooner, rather than having to save up over a period of time and pay a huge upfront payment. 

Another great benefit of using BNPL catalogues is that the companies will find the best possible offer for the product and offer it to you for the lowest possible price. Often there are hundreds of offers available, especially if you are a first time buyer on the site. 

A great thing about pay weekly catalogues is that you can purchase almost anything in them, whether you are looking for new toys, clothes, furniture or technology – you will be able to find anything you need. Some sites specialise in certain things such as Kaleidoscope, which focuses on clothes but many sell everything like Very.

As everything is in one place, it means that you do not have to take hours out of your day to go shopping and go between different stores. With a quick click and entering some details, all you need to do is wait for your delivery. Saving you all your time, energy and money. 

A fantastic feature of BNPL catalogues is that many do not hold it against you if you have no credit history or a low credit score, and some companies do not run credit checks. You will still get all of the same benefits as customers with high credit scores. 

If you have no credit history or a low credit score, then using a BNPL catalogue is a great way to increase your credit score, as reliable with payments and a trustworthy customer.

7 Best Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues 

1. Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online merchant, you can buy almost anything on the site. To make purchases more affordable, on orders over £50 you can access BNPL plans which include monthly instalments paid over a time period of your choice. 

2. Littlewoods

Littlewoods is a fantastic BNPL catalogue. You can pay for items in monthly payments over 3-12 months. 

If you decide to pay off your purchase over a year, the instalment cost will be low but if you pay it off over 6 months it will cost more, but it will take less time. So you have to decide which option would suit your financial situation better. 

If you fail to pay or have late payments you will face an interest fee. Luckily, if you are struggling to pay, you can pause your payments at a fee. 

3. Very 

Very is one of the most popular pay monthly catalogues. You can spread payments across equal monthly instalments. 

However, if you do not pay off the purchase in the time they have given you, then you will have to pay compound interest (calculated from the day of your purchase).

4. Argos 

Argos offers a wide range of products, with a particular focus on appliances and technology. Argos have fantastic BNPL options that are interest free if you follow their terms and conditions. 

5. Kaleidoscope 

Kaleidoscope offers a Flexiway account, which allows you to pay off your purchase in monthly instalments. If you sign up for their Flexiway account, you will get 25% off your first order.

6. Sunshine Mobile

Sunshine mobile helps make buying a mobile phone more affordable. They do not run a credit check on you, so anyone above the age of 18 can use this service. 

7. JD Williams 

JD Williams focuses on clothing and accessories for men, women and children. They have different plans available for payments, and they will never ask for any upfront contribution. Also, they offer you 20% off your first order and if you pay your purchase off over 6 months with timely payments you will not need to pay any interest. 

More BNPL options 

There are other BNPL options out there too, such as credit payment options on online retailers

Klarna is one of the most popular BNPL options on the market. Almost all online retailers have Klarna as a payment option. Klarna allows you to split payment across 3 months with no interest, it automatically takes the money out of your bank account every 30 days so you do not need to do anything once you have purchased. 

Clearpay is similar to Klarna, but it splits payments into 4 equal instalments and automatically takes the payment out every other week rather than monthly. 

A great feature of using Klarna or Clearpay is that it is interest free if you pay it on time and neither runs any credit checks on you. However, unlike many BNPL catalogues, they ask for the first instalment upon purchase. 


How does pay buy now, pay later catalogues work?

Firstly, you need to choose the item you would like to buy. Then you will select the payment plan that suits your budget. Then the catalogue will tell you the instalment price and how you pay it as each site differs, some take automatic payments whilst others you will have to pay manually. 

When should I use pay BNPL catalogues?

You should use BNPL payment plans in certain circumstances such as:

  • If you are going through a tough financial spot 
  • Emergencies 
  • Occasions (Christmas or Birthdays)
  • You need to quickly improve your credit score