Freemans Catalogue

Freemans is one of the leading credit account catalogues in the UK, and it is based in Bradford, England. The catalogue started as an exclusive fashion brand, whilst the main focus is still on fashion, it now offers over 60,000 different products to buy and more are added every day. 

History of Freemans 

Freemans is one of the oldest catalogues in the UK. It started up back in 1905 in London as a physical catalogue of clothing. It grew in popularity, especially in the 1940s. Since the beginning, Freemans have had different celebrities endorsing the brand. In the 1960s, they had supermodel Twiggy promote the brand, and more recently Sharon Osbourne has sponsored them. 

Over the years it has developed into the market leader it is today, with an online catalogue with tens of thousands of products and a loyal customer base. 

What does Freemans sell? 

Freemans have a huge range of products on their site including appliances, sports equipment and beauty products, but their speciality is fashion. Freemans has thousands of stylish clothes and accessories to choose from for men, women and children from both top brands and their fashion line. 

The wide selection of products to choose from lets you keep all of your purchases in one place, rather than spreading them out across different sites. This will help you take control of your money with ease. 

Freemans vs Competitors Prices

Freemans have many great offers, discounts and clearance sales on their site. The products they sell are competitively priced to help save you money.

If you decide to purchase from Freemans with a Flexiway account, you will receive 25% off your first purchase. Also, Freemans offers Flexiway account owners additional discounts throughout the year. 

Credit Limit on Freemans Account

Freemans will determine a credit limit for you based on a soft credit check. You will be able to see your credit limit immediately. Even if you have a low credit score, you can start with a limit of around £100 and build it up over a few months if you show that you are a reliable and trustworthy customer. If you have a low credit limit, you can still effectively build up your credit score if you are timely with your repayments. 

Payment Options 

Freemans offers 2 different ways to pay through credit. The first option is to buy now, pay later and the second option is to sign up for a Flexiway account. 

Buy now, pay later allows you to delay any payments for up to 12 months. You have to pay compound interest on the order at the end once you have finished paying the purchase off. The longer you delay payments, the higher the interest accumulates. 

The second option is to sign up for a Flexiway account. This account does not limit you to using site credit on Freemans, you can use it on their partner websites too. This credit account allows you to take full control of your payments and spread the cost over a few months without having to pay any interest if you always pay on time. 


Freemans offer free standard delivery on all orders. Standard delivery takes between 2 to 4 days to arrive at you. However, if you live in Northern Ireland or Scotland then your orders may take 4 to 7 days to arrive. 

A delivery option that Freemans offers is next day delivery. Many catalogues do not offer this service. Next day delivery costs £4.50 and is available 7 days a week, although you must order before 11pm. This delivery service is not available in non–mainland areas of the UK. 

Most online catalogues ask for an additional fee for delivery if you have ordered large appliances or furniture. This is not the case with Freemans. They offer free delivery, which will take 2-5 days. Additionally, they will remove your old appliances if required for free. 


Freemans offer a refund period of 14 days from when the package arrives at your home. So if you have any issues or you are dissatisfied with your package, then you can return it. You can either replace it if you would like a different size or colour, or receive a refund for the amount that you have paid.

You will only be issued a refund if the items are in the same condition that they arrived in, the items are unused and you attach the correct documents that you received with it in the returns package. 

Benefits of Using Freemans 

Freemans is an excellent choice of catalogue to use if you are looking to spread the payments of purchases or improve your credit score. Spreading the cost of a purchase is a great way to manage your finances and enjoy your purchase. Rather than saving up for months, you can immediately reap the benefits of your purchase and pay in instalments that suit you. 

Freemans does not require any upfront payments, and you can avoid paying interest if you pay the purchase back within a certain amount of time and you do not miss payments. So you will not have to pay anything more than the purchase price. 

Additionally, you can use Freemans in a way that lets you improve your bad credit score. If you have a poor credit score, you can improve it by using low-value credit catalogue purchases. So, if you are looking to access high-value credit schemes, but you do not qualify due to your credit score, you can use Freemans responsibly and get the goods you need in the process. 

Another benefit of purchasing goods from Freemans is that you can browse and purchase from the comfort of your own home. Highstreet shopping is inconvenient for so many reasons, such as it being tiring, added transport costs and time insufficient. If you have a busy lifestyle, it can often be difficult to find the time to shop. But by ordering from Freemans, you can order on the go and when it suits you. 

Do Freemans Credit Check?

Freemans run a credit check to determine what your credit limit is, and they accept customers of all credit scores. If you prove that you are reliable with payments, then they will increase your credit limit over time. A typical starting limit is £100+, which is reasonable and will be reviewed every 28 days.