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An Introduction to Catalogue Shopping

Catalogue shopping has been around since the middle of the 19th century and has only grown in popularity. A lot of information is thrown around about catalogues – both positive and negative. To help you navigate through the world of catalogue shopping, we have put together this guide to answer all your questions. 

About Catalogue Shopping

First, let’s look at what catalogue shopping actually is. 

A catalogue store sells a vast selection of products from different brands all in one place. Often catalogue stores will not have physical shops, although some do like Argos, and you will order from them and get it delivered to your door from a warehouse. 

Many people use catalogues because of the credit options that they provide. Many catalogues will have payment options like buy now, pay later and pay in monthly or weekly instalments. Not only does this allow people to take control of their finances, but it also allows them to build up their credit scores. 

Many catalogues will accept people with all different credit scores, no matter how high or low it is, and if you prove you are reliable and trustworthy, they will raise your credit limit. 

How does catalogue shopping work?

Catalogue shopping is straightforward to navigate. Firstly, you must sign up for an account with a catalogue of your choice. All the details you insert must be accurate in order to be accepted and receive an appropriate credit limit. Once you are registered and know your credit limit, you can get shopping! Choose the items you want and go to the checkout.

Once you are on the checkout page, you will be presented with a few payment options. The options you have will vary from site to site, but here are the most popular options:

Buy now, pay later: this option allows you to not pay a thing for 12 months. By delaying the payments, you can decide when you are ready to pay. Often sites will ask you to pay compound interest, and the longer you delay payments, the higher the interest rate is. 

Pay monthly: this payment option will divide the purchase price across a few months, usually either 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. You will pay the instalments each month, and if you are timely with your payments, you will not have to pay interest. 

Pay weekly: by paying weekly, the purchase cost is divided across the number of weeks you decide on. The cost is usually less than paying monthly, but you will have to pay over a longer period of time. 

What are the benefits of catalogue shopping?

The benefits of catalogue shopping are amazing! One of the main benefits customers get from using credit catalogues is an increase in your credit score. If you are reliable and timely with payments, it will have a positive effect on your credit score. By having a high credit score, it is unlikely that you will be rejected from high-value credit purchases.

Additionally, catalogues can help you afford high-value products like smartphones, appliances, furniture and computers. Often, you will not even be expected to pay an upfront fee or interest. So, you can pay for the product in manageable instalments. 

Another great benefit of catalogue shopping is that you can do it from anywhere – whether you are commuting to work and on your or browsing on your laptop on the couch with a cup of tea. You do not have the stress of carrying bags between shops, transport fees and not being able to find what you want. 

What are the drawbacks of catalogue shopping?

There are a few drawbacks of catalogue shopping, but they are important to look at. One of the main drawbacks is not being able to try the items on. For example, if you purchase the wrong size you will have to return it to exchange it for a different size. Whilst you will end up with the item you want, the returns process could have been avoided if you tried on the item in-store.

Another drawback is that if you do not pay back the amount within the stated time, you will be asked to pay compound interest. The longer you do not pay for, the higher the interest is. However, this can be avoided if you stick to your repayment plan and do not spend more than you can afford. 

What are some of the top catalogue companies in the UK?

There are many brilliant catalogue companies in the UK, to just name a few: 


Studio is a great online catalogue that you can purchase a huge range of products from, such as clothing, technology, toys and much more. Studio offers a buy now, pay later option and spreads the cost over the course of a few months with no added interest. They offer a competitive credit limit, which is determined by a soft credit check. 


One of the most popular online catalogues is Very, which allows you to pay monthly or through a buy now pay later scheme. This catalogue sells almost everything you could think of, from technology to clothes to furniture at great prices with many offers available. A standard starting credit limit for Very is from £500, and this can increase over time if you are a reliable and loyal customer. 


Littlewoods is a great monthly catalogue that sells a huge range of products. They offer interest-free options if you pay off your purchase in under 12 months. Littlewoods also has the option to freeze payments if you are struggling to pay them back. 


Freemans is a specialist clothing catalogue with fantastic prices with 2 payment options. The first option is to buy now, pay later and the other option is to set up a Flexiway account. A Flexiway account allows you to spread payments over the course of a few months, and you do not have to pay any interest if you always pay on time.

Sunshine Mobile

Sunshine Mobile is a great choice if you want to purchase a mobile phone, as they do not run any credit checks. Their repayment options, such as paying weekly, monthly or buy now, pay later. 


Argos are specialists in appliances and technology. They run a soft credit check on you to determine your credit limit, which can be increased over time if you are reliable with payments. You can repay over the course of 3 or 6 months without interest. However, if you fail to pay it off within that time you will be charged compound interest, which is worked out from the day of your purchase. 


Next is a fashion and homeware specialist catalogue. You can purchase the products on a credit account or in-store with a Next credit card. There are different repayment plans available, many that do not ask you to pay interest. They offer a credit limit ranging between £200 to £1,500. 

JD Williams

JD Williams is a great clothing specialist catalogue for men, women and children. To determine your credit limit, they will run a soft credit check on you, and your limit will increase monthly. 


Kaleidoscope is a fashion and homeware specialist. They offer a Flexiway account, which allows you to pay off your purchases monthly. The credit limit they offer is between £100 to £1000. 

Fashion World

Fashion World sells a great range of plus-size women’s clothing and accessories, with a  huge selection of brands to choose from. You can spread the payments of your purchases over a period of time that suits you. 


Jacamo is a men’s clothing and accessories catalogue that sells from a large selection of brands in a variety of sizes (from medium to 5 extra large). Jacamo runs a soft credit check on you to determine your credit limit. If you are late with payments to Jacamo, you are charged an administration fee of £12 and compound interest. 


Curvissa specialises in plus-size women’s clothing, with a great selection of brands. The clothing is priced competitively, and they constantly have amazing offers. With orders over £100, you can repay over a period of 12 months. A typical starting credit limit is around £100.



Yes Catalogue Review – Is it Legit or a SCAM?

Yes Catalogue Review – Is it Legit or a SCAM?

At Catalogues for Bad Credit, we want to help you navigate through the world of online catalogues without being scammed whilst getting the best possible deals to save you money and improve your credit score. So, we have put together this guide to walk you through Yes Catalogue, and to explain if it is legit or a scam.  

What is Yes Catalogue?

Yes Catalogue is an online catalogue that sells a range of products from top brands such as Apple, Dyson, Sony, Nintendo and many more. 

The unique selling point of Yes Catalogue ‌is that it does not require a credit check and provides a minimum of £500 credit to new customers. Most online catalogues will run a credit check on you to determine your starting credit limit. However, this is not to say you can’t access credit accounts with a poor credit rating. 

Yes Catalogue also offers a ‘pro’ account, which asks you to pay £19.99 a month after a 2 week free trial. The account offers benefits like free delivery, a 10% discount on orders for friend referrals, access to high-value products, discounted items and grocery credit. 

Whilst the pro account may seem appealing, many customers have claimed that upon signing up they did not opt into the pro account, yet still got charged for it and found it difficult to cancel. 

How does Yes Catalogue work?

Yes Catalogue does not run any credit checks on customers. They claim to give a £500 credit limit to every single customer that applies. You apply online and fill in a brief questionnaire, which takes around 2 minutes to complete. They ask for your full name, date of birth, address and bank details. 

You are guaranteed a starting limit of £500, and this can rise to £600, and then to the maximum of £700. The higher amounts are provided if you pass their 6 payment test.

The 6 payment test asks you to pay for your item over 6 instalments. This proves to Yes Catalogue that you can pay on a timely and accurate basis. The 6 payments can be spread across either 6 weekly payments, 6 fortnightly payments or 6 monthly payments. After this, Yes Catalogue sees you as a qualified customer.

The catch with the 6 payments test is that you do not receive the item that you have bought until the payment process is over. 

Is Yes Catalogue legit?

Yes Catalogue has a mix of reviews online, all claiming different outcomes of what happened when they ordered from the site. On the whole, it seems as though Yes Catalogue is a scam. 

Here are some of the online reviews about Yes Catalogue:

  • “I ordered an item on their website. Paid for it which was double the amount that the item is worth. Did not receive this item. I’ve contacted customer service, discussing the item I ordered over 1 year ago!! And it still hasn’t arrived…” 
  • “Seems to be a trap to lure people with poor credit in… This is definitely not a legitimate site. Stay away at all costs.”
  • “This company is a big scam. I paid for my goods 2 months ago in full and they still can’t give me a delivery date. I’ve asked for a refund and they have refused…”
  • “Made all payments upfront before bed was delivered to which it took 4 weeks for it to be delivered. When finally arrived, parts missing to which 3 weeks later still haven’t been received (7 weeks in now) to be told missing parts will be another 2 weeks…”

What we can gather from reviews is that Yes Catalogue is not a legit website. Many people do not receive the items that they ordered. For the customers who do receive their items, items are not in good condition and are either broken or have missing parts.

Additionally, the site does not rectify mistakes made on their behalf for free. Customers have been sent the wrong items, but have to pay a £20 administration and delivery fee, even though it is not their fault. 

It also appears that Yes Catalogue does not offer refunds to their customers, with customers claiming that they were refused even when it had credible grounds. 

How to contact Yes Catalogue 

If you want to contact Yes Catalogue you can call them on 0370 0340110, and you will be directed to one of the members of their customer service team. Or, you can fill out a contact form on their website, and they will respond to your query via email. 

Alternatives to Yes Catalogue 

Although Yes Catalogue seems great on the surface with a high credit limit and not running a credit check, it should be avoided. Firstly, you have to wait for 6 payments to receive the item, whereas with other sites you can receive the item immediately and without any upfront costs. Secondly, you might not even receive your item or it may arrive in poor condition.

Luckily there are great alternatives to Yes Catalogue that are legit, can save you money and improve your credit score in the process, even if you have a poor credit score.

Some great catalogues that offer a huge selection of products including toys, technology, clothing, beauty products and sports/leisure products are Very, Littlewoods and Studio. With all of these catalogues, you can get a starting limit of at least £100, which can be built up over time if you are reliable and timely with payments. 

Unlike Yes Catalogue, your purchase will be immediately dispatched, and you will not be asked for any upfront payments. With these catalogues, returning items and receiving a refund is an easier and more legit process. 

Or, if you are looking to purchase a mobile phone on credit, but you do not have a credit score or have a very low credit score, you could have a look at Sunshine Mobile. This site does not run any checks on your credit score, and you can purchase brand new and used mobile phones at great discounts. 

Savvy Benefits Card – Is it Legit or a SCAM?

At Catalogues for Bad Credit, we want to help you avoid any scam catalogue sites. So we have put together this guide to walk you through Savvy Benefits Card and whether it is legit or a scam. 

What is a Savvy Benefits Card?

Savvy Benefits Card is based in the UK and claims to be a money saving membership that will help you to improve your credit score. This company does not run a credit check and accepts everyone regardless of their financial situation and credit score. 

This company claims to provide you with two different ways of saving money. The first is a virtual card to use for in-store shopping, this is called a Savvy Card or Vectis Card. You are asked to download an app to use codes on your phone on the go. 

The second is a portal that shows you all of the partner websites that you will have discounts for with savings from £100 to £1,000. The portal offers a credit line too, which they claim you do not have to pay interest on until you spend the money.

Savvy Benefits are supposedly partnered up with brands like Tesco, Next, Sky, eBay, Vision Express and many more. 

How does a Savvy Benefits Card work?

With the Savvy Benefits Card, it is supposed to save you money on in-store or online shopping with huge discounts on a wide range of products from over 1000 stores. Savvy claims you can use their services to save you money on clothing, technology, appliances and many more purchases. They also claim to save you money on restaurants and holidays.

To open an account you have to fill in an application form that asks for your full name, address, contact information and bank details. Savvy Benefits claim you can access the discounts by paying a £29.99 signup fee and then continuing to pay £14.99 per month. 

Is Savvy Benefits a scam?

Savvy Benefits claim you can cancel your membership by giving them 30 days notice before your membership expires, and 30 days after the renewal date. Also, they claim you can get a full refund if you cancel within 7 days of signing up to the account. 

However, this is not true. Trustpilot reviewers have revealed that even after cancelling the membership, money was continuously taken from their bank account each month. So, they are keeping card details on record beyond when they should, and scamming people out of money without them receiving the benefits and when they no longer want the card. 

Additionally, they claim to provide refunds within 7 business days from the requested date. However, TrustPilot users have stated that this is untrue, with some customers never receiving their rightful refund.  

Other users of the site have claimed that the company takes one penny out of their account at random times and without explanation. 

Another way that Savvy Benefits entices people is by claiming you can have a loan from them, and then they will unwillingly sign you up to the benefits card with the monthly fee without consent. This is a way to scam people as it is signing them up to services without their consent and then refusing to refund them. 

Why should you avoid Savvy Benefits?

Savvy Benefits has a 1.7 star rating on TrustPilot, with many negative reviews such as: 

  • “Cancelled account months ago yet money was taken from my account last week. So they kept all my card details on file and took £29.09 from my account which amounts to theft. Many emails sent and no reply…” 
  • “This company is a fraud who targets the vulnerable…”
  • “This is a scam, please do not be deceived! I tried to sign up for a loan via a broker and unknowingly signed up for Savvy Benefits. You receive no confirmation email or call so don’t even know you have signed up to a subscription service…”

There are no ‘positive’ reviews about Savvy Benefits online, so you should avoid it as it is untrustworthy and may take money from your account without your permission. 

What are legit alternatives to Savvy Benefits Card? 

Whilst the benefits of having a Savvy Benefits Card may seem enticing (after all – who doesn’t want to save money?) it should be avoided. As they will take money out of your bank account, not let you cancel your account with them, and you will not be able to access the benefits and discounts they claim to offer you. 

Luckily – there are many legit alternatives to help you save money and improve your credit score in the process, even if you have a low credit score.

If you are looking to save money on products and pay in affordable instalments, you could check out Very, Littlewoods or Argos. All of these sites sell a huge range of products from top brands at competitive prices, with discounts available at all times. These online catalogues allow you to spread the cost into affordable instalments, and it is likely you will not have to pay any interest. 

Or, if you are specifically looking to purchase a mobile phone but you do not have a credit score or have a very low credit score, you could check out Sunshine Mobile. This site does not run a credit check on you, and you can access all the latest models with great discounts. 

Alternatively, if you are specifically looking to buy clothes, then there are a few fantastic online sites to check out. These sites sell clothing at amazing prices, and often cheaper than in-store shops, from top brands. Some that are worth looking at include Simply Be, JD Williams, Jacamo and Kaleidoscope. 

If you decide to use catalogues to help you buy the things you need, then there are many benefits you can reap. As in the process of getting the things you want, you can improve your credit score at the same time, as long as you are reliable with your payments.